Car Field Link Portable Program Card

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Car Field Link Portable Program Card


Sometimes you need to make a change in the programming of a Castle controller and you just don't happen to have a laptop in your man purse. What to do? There's always the old stick programming method that we all love to hate. Yes it works, but... there has to be a better way. Now there is Field Link!
Field Link allows you to modify the most commonly used settings in your Castle controller all at the touch of a single button. No computer needed (mostly). Simply connect the Field Link to the throttle lead of the controller and power the pair as described below. Click the button to scroll through and change the indicated settings. Can't get any easier!
Does it work without a computer or not?
Yes, mostly. The card is programmed to work with the latest controllers and software when it leaves the Castle workshop. It will work with all Castle Link compatible controllers running software released since 2007. Go to for more details.

Key Features

Programs Castle car controllers without a computer
Works as a complete USB Castle Link with your computer
Works with all Castle Link compatible car products


Length: 55mm (2.2")
Width: 85mm (3.3")
Thickness: 5mm (0.20")
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Castle Creations
Compatible Model N/A

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