Polar Lights 1/1000 Star Trek Supplemental Decal Set

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Polar Lights 1/1000 Star Trek Supplemental Decal Set
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    This decal sheet supplements the decals included in teh 1:1000 scale U.S.S. Enterprise Refit model kit by Polar Lights. It offers builders many optinos to decorate their kit as one of several Federation starships. Complete names and registry numbers for twelve Constitutoin-class ships. It also offers other detail parts to allow builders to paint their build to suit their own level of detail and finish. Included are porthole decals in black or white, airlock markings, alternate engineering color schems in blue, green and on-screen gray. Various stripes for the saucer edge and accent areas are also included.

    Included Starship Decals

    USS Constellation NCC-1017
    USS Republic NCC-1371
    USS Intrepid NCC-1631
    USS Farragut NCC-1647
    USS Potemkin NCC-1657
    USS Intrepid NCC-1631
    USS Excalibur NCC-1664
    USS Exeter NCC-1672
    USS Constitution NCC-1700
    USS Enterprise NCC-1701
    USS Hood NCC-1703
    USS Lexington NCC-1709
    USS Yorktown NCC-1717
    USS Defiant NCC-1764

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